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Ken Humphrey

Ken has worked in leadership roles in Community Development and youth work contexts for more than thirty years. For twenty of those years he was Director of a multi-faceted, faith-based community project in inner-city Belfast. The project was dedicated to addressing socio-economic disadvantage and sectarianism.  Ken took that experience into the wider faith network as Training and Development Officer for the inter-denominational Churches Community Work Alliance. His work there comprised drawing churches together to address needs in disadvantaged contexts. Ken presently serves on the Boards of a number of youth, community and justice groups, such as Youth Initiatives and Participation and Practice of Rights.

Ken acquired a degree in Education and a diploma in Youth and Community Work. He also acquired a Management (level 5) Charterhouse qualification and a qualification in Training (level 5) from The Training Institute.

In 2003 Ken received an MBE for ‘community services in Belfast’. He has served on a number of area-based bodies, such as South Belfast Partnership Board and Inner South Belfast Neighbourhood Partnership Board. Ken has spoken in a number of international contexts about the need for churches and Christians to engage in addressing needs outside their doors.

Ken is committed to seeing the work of The Link grow, to help to meet more needs in Newtownards and to help build cooperation to this end amongst churches and faith groups in the area. Ken has seen the depth and width of need.